Almabtrieb & Viehscheid in Bavaria - All Dates 2014

The summer spent by the cattle in the mountains traditionally closes with the 'Almabtrieb', or 'Viehscheid' as it is called in the Allgäu region. After around a hundred days grazing on the Alpine meadows, the yearlings are brought back down into the valleys in September.

The herders drive the cattle up into the mountains shortly after the snowmelt in spring to increase the animals' robustness and resistance. The herders carry a great amount of responsibility, as they promise the owners to return all of their animals to them in good health in the autumn. If all has gone well, the leading cow is elaborately decorated. Whilst all of the cattle are decorated in most parts of Bavaria, only the leading cow, or 'Kranzkuh', is decorated with a wreath, the 'Kranz', in the Allgäu region. It leads the procession of animals wearing a wreath fashioned from Alpine flowers, and bearing a cross and a mirror. All the other cows wear huge bells to ward off any evil demons the cattle might encounter on their way back down into the valley. This is the traditional way of giving thanks for a good grazing season without losses.

The time spent up in the mountains is not always easy for the herders. They often live in very simple conditions and lead extremely lonely lives. Besides milking and generally tending to the cows every day, they might also make cheese and butter.
Over the years, the various Almabtriebe have increasingly become popular public events. It is therefore advisable to get their early to get a good view. However, depending on the weather, an Almabtrieb may also be delayed.

Dates 2014:
September 6th Markt Rettenbach 10.30
September 5th Mittenwald (Ziegenabtrieb) 12.00
September 7th Mittenwald (Schafabtrieb) 12.00
September 8th Mittenwald (Schafabtrieb) 12.00
September 11th Bad Hindelang 8.30
September 12th Oberstdorf – Schöllang 9.00 (9.30)
Schöllang 8.30
Oberstaufen 8.30
Balderschwang 10.00 (9.00)
September 13th Oberstdorf 9.30 (8.30)
Jungholz in Tirol 9.30
Maierhöfen 11.30 (10.00)
Pfronten – Heitlern 9.30 (8.00)
Pfronten – Ried 10.00 (noch offen)
Schwangau 12.30
Seeg 13.00 (11.00)
September 14th Jungholz 10.00
Nesselwängle 11.00
September 15th Kranzegg 9.00
Buching 9.30
September 16th Nesselwang 9.30
Unterjoch 10.00 (11.00)
September 17th Gunzesried/Ofterschwang 9.00 (8.30)
September 18th Wertach 8.30
September 19th Riezlern/Kleinwalsertal 8.15 (8.00)
Bolsterlang 10.00
Krün 11.00
Grän/Haldensee 11.00
Schattwald 13.00 (10.00)
Thalkirchdorf 9.00 (9.30)
September 20th Haslach/Grüntensee 10.00 (10.30)
Eisenberg/Zell 10.15 (10.00)
Immenstadt 9.00
Obermaiselstein 9.00
Missen 10.00 (9.30)
Oy/Mittelberg 10.00 (10.30)
Pfronten – Röfleuten 10.00
Krün 11.00
Tannheim 11.00
Wilhams 11.30
(Missen / Wilhams 11.30)
Weitnau/Wengen 12.30
September 27th Mittenwald (Rinderabtrieb) 11.00
September 28th Haldenwang 10.00
September 29th Ramsau – Hintersee 10.00

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