Restaurant “Historisches Eck” in Regensburg - Tradition and modernity

Strolling along the narrow lanes in the heart of the Old Town you will find the restaurant “Historisches Eck” (German only) in one of the quaintest corners. The vault from the 16th century has once been a chapel for salt carriers when the salt trade was an important source of income for the city during medieval times. Since 2009 the “Historisches Eck” is the home of Anton Schmaus, Regensburg’s only Michelin star-rated cook and also member of “Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe”. The chef’s name “Schmaus” literally translated means “feast” and goes back to the 18th century when his family opened a restaurant in the Bavarian Forest which is a restaurant and hotel up till today. After having cooked in the “F12 in Stockholm”, the “Per Se” in Central Parl or the “Talvo” in Switzerland, Anton Schmaus returned to his Bavarian roots and opened his own restaurant in Regensburg.

The young chef and his team offer a selection of à la carte dishes and a theme-based menu which changes every month. The contrast of the modern, purist atmosphere in this historic surrounding invites you to be creative: for business lunch you can assemble your own menu based on a range of 12 different ingredients. He specially cares for the young generation and has already offered cooking classes for kids and has a special offer for persons under 30, called “Twenü” to introduce them to upscale restaurants.
“I enjoy the daily challenge to arrange a great lunch or dinner for my guests and I love having the possibility to be creative”, says Anton Schmaus. His restaurant is a harmonious blend between tradition and modern cuisine and this fits so well into the UNESCO World Heritage City of Regensburg.

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