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Videos - Best of Bavaria and the Bavarian Alps in Germany

It‘s just lovely here in Bavaria! Lush mountain meadows, majestic Alpine peaks, splendid low mountain ranges with deep green forests and sunny slopes covered in vines are all a delight to the eye. No-one can really resist a quick dip in one of Bavaria‘s crystal clear mountain pools or lakes. In winter the whole landscape is transformed into a glittering fairytale land with snowy fun and games to be had by both young and old. Recuperation and relaxation for both body and soul. You will love it here in Bavaria and really understand the meaning of the word ‘well-being‘.

After a hard day‘s walking or cycling a glass of beer in the shade of horse chestnut trees tastes doubly good. Bavarian conviviality and joie de vivre can be found everywhere − in traditional beer gardens, at merry wine festivals
or at any one of a vast range of cultural events scarcely paralleled for their quality and variety. A complete harmony of ancient and modern.

Where else can one find all of this? This is why Bavaria has become a recreation and holiday region of international popularity. We look forward to welcoming you to Bavaria!

Best of Bavaria video


German Wanderlust "The Bavarian Alps" with Julia Bradbury (BBC) Part 1

Amazing! Check out this 15 min BBC video clip that follows Julia Bradbury as she hikes through the gorgeous Bavarian Alps.



German Wanderlust "The Bavarian Alps" with Julia Bradbury (BBC) Part 2